Traditional, Digital & Social Advertising Agency Services

Union NY DC is a boutique advertising agency that is just as comfortable with traditional media and campaigns as we are with digital marketing and social media. Our team of expert art directors, storytellers, user experience designers and technologists work closely together to solve our client's most demanding challenges, on time and within budget. We engage audiences, build relationships and innovate relentlessly in order to achieve results. Want to learn more?


Advertising Agency Services:

  • Traditional Advertising
  • Digital Display Advertising
  • Social Advertising
  • Digital PPC Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Branding
  • Content Marketing

Breaking Though with Radically Simple Advertising

Digital media and technology has reshaped and transformed advertising. It’s now more important than ever to quickly capture the consumer’s interest and focus their attention. We need to extend engagements, achieve measurable actions (even if direct response is not our primary objective) and continually build and reinforce our brand. We must also activate our customers, turning them into evangelists. And above all, we must differentiate ourselves. In other words, our goal is to break through with strategically crafted and radically simple campaigns that give consumers the control that they demand.

120+ National Awards + Media Recognition:

“Creativity, authenticity, flash, shock & awe — none of it matters unless the right people, get the right message at the right time. A clever strategy is the ultimate disrupter.”

Client Experience Includes:

Strategic Media Buying

Media buying in a digital, multi-screen world is a complex challenge, but the essence of it is simple: determine where your audience “lives” and then strategically buy that media in the most cost-effective manner. This requires a keen understanding of your online and offline attribution model. After all, no one randomly searches on your brand. Instead, customers are driven to search. Union NY DC brings you online and offline expertise to ensure that your media — to include PPC, paid, retargeting, social, print and broadcast — is always targeted and performance-driven … regardless of budget.


Offering Full Digital Marketing & Social Media Engagement Campaigns to Reach Your Customers Everywhere

“We believe great advertising and marketing campaigns begin with radical honesty, ask tough questions and, above all, seek the truth.”

— Mark Abrials, Creative Director