George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Our Challenge: Despite being one of the nation’s most popular tourist attractions, Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens had a growing problem — people knew George was our country’s first president, but few understood the full scope and impact of his life’s achievements or his relevancy to our life today. This was particularly true for younger audiences. As a result, Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens was expanding its offering, centered around the launch a landmark $90 million interactive museum and education center.

Our Solution: Our goal was to reposition Washington as our nation’s first “action hero.” To do this, we updated the logo and created special invitations for VIPs and members of the media to coincide with the launch of the new museum and education center, all of which highlighted scenes from his earlier life. We carried this campaign over to print, online and transit advertising to communicate Mount Vernon’s new museum and interactive experiences. And we created compelling travel brochures and on-site Visitor Guides to fully integrate with the new branding and positioning.

Most importantly, every creative component carried a common theme, “Discover the Real George Washington,” and featured active images of George Washington from his earlier life, particularly as general, to reinforce is “action-hero” persona.


Mount Vernon Digital Campaigns

The following are samples from the digital advertising campaigns.


Integrated Website Landing Pages

The following are samples of integrated landing pages, connect digital ads to the main Mount Vernon website.

MTVN 1001-iPad-portrait


George Washington’s Presidential Library

We have also done branding, special event invitations and collateral marketing work for The Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington, located at George Washington’s Mount Vernon.


Brand Guidelines