Microsoft: Hosting + Cloud (Print)

Our Challenge: When developers are building Web sites and hosted applications, they must choose between a Linux, Unix or Windows Server OS. Since open solutions tend to have a lower direct cost, how do you get more developers to pick Windows, and more hosting providers to sell it?

Our Solution: For hosting companies, we demonstrated that Windows-based solutions can drive revenue and expand their market share. We executed this with an integrated mix of brochures, online ads, deployment accelerators, downloadable resources, marketing solution templates and websites. For IT Pros and Web developers, we deployed print and online ad campaigns to change entrenched perceptions of Windows, highlighting its greater performance, reliability and security. We showed how it can co-exist with other open development technologies, such as PHP. And we marketed the full portfolio of Windows Server-based products including Hosting Exchange, Unified Communications, SQL Server and Dynamics to sell solutions and drive market share. As a result, the market share for Windows Server grew from 17% to 70% in 10 years.

The following are just a few samples of our print collateral, traditional advertising, dimensional direct mail work for Microsoft. Click here to view our digital and branding work for Microsoft. We now primarily work for the Microsoft Communications Sector, focused on Software as a Service (SaaS), Hosting and Cloud Computing spaces, as well as Channel Strategy.















Shown below is the first direct mail campaign that we created for Microsoft in 1996. The campaign targeted developers and cost just $26,000 for creative services and production, yet yielded more than $1 million in direct revenue.