MOKO Social Media: React Native App

MOKO Social Media hired Union NY DC to design and develop customizable mobile applications for the iOS and Android platforms using React Native, powered by a Ruby on Rails web CMS. The mobile application serves as a hub for all things related to college recreation including intramural schedules, campus alerts and facility information. The supporting web-based CMS allows college administrators to change nearly every aspect of the app, from background imagery, home-screen layout and logo to the creation of custom schedule widgets. The app also acts as a support portal for students and provides news about upcoming campus events.

Given that each app is fully white-labeled for a particular school, deployment and maintainability was a challenge. So we developed a continuous integration pipeline that automates and streamlines the process of compiling a new app for iOS and Android from start to finish, and automatically submits it to the school’s respective iTunes Connect and Google Play accounts. The project was completed in less than three months by leveraging React Native’s javascript framework for developing cross-platform native apps and Ruby on Rails, with supporting technologies.

React Native Apps


We also made use of CodePush, a very useful technology from Microsoft which enables on-the-fly app updates in React Native. This service is great for bug fixes or small improvements. Larger version updates should still be submitted through Google Play and the App Store.

Primary Technologies: React Native, Ruby on Rails

Supporting Technologies: CodePush, Fabric, Jenkins, Fastlane