Today it is no longer a question of Web or mobile, but rather how these two paradigms work together. As brands strive to reach consumers in a device-driven world, the necessity for mobile app development has become apparent. With the rise of Apple and Google, iOS and Android apps have become convenient and versatile mediums for delivering on-the-go experiences. At Union NY DC, we specialize in mobile app development across an array of platforms and technologies in order to modernize and empower your growing business. Whether you're a mobile start-up or need to extend your current technology's reach, Union NY DC's team of designers and software engineers can help.


Mobile App Development Highlights:

    • Native iPhone App Development
    • Native iPad App Development
    • Native Android App Development
    • Browser-based Mobile Applications
    • Mobile App Discovery & Planning
    • Mobile App UX & Design
    • Mobile App Post-Launch Maintenance
    • Systems Mobilization

    We Build Beautiful Mobile Experiences

    • Apple iOS


      We build and support apps for both Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

    • Android


      We build and support apps for Android phones and tablets.

    • Responsive Web


      We leverage modern web technologies to build dynamic browser-based mobile experiences.

    Native & Browser-based Mobile Apps

    There are two fundamental platforms to consider when deciding upon your approach to mobile development – native or browser-based. Native mobile applications run directly on your mobile device in the form of a mobile app. For performance and general access to your device’s hardware, native apps have a slight advantage. Native apps must be downloaded and installed on your mobile device, or your customer’s mobile device, prior to use. Browser-based apps come in a few flavors and may be accessed by anyone with a mobile device and an internet connection. Connect with us and we’ll get you started on the right path to mobilizing your business.

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