Using InVision Boards for Branding

InVision is a great tool for prototyping — building working demos of websites and mobile apps that don’t require code. Just link the elements together from Photoshop or Sketch files to make a working mockup of your design, with working navigation and interactivity.

Although prototyping adds time to the front of the website and app design process, it streamlines development. That’s because our users and clients can interact with full-size working mockups on their desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices. This allows us to test and fine-tune our work before getting into the development phase, where changes cost time and money.

With the introduction of Boards from InVision, we have more to love.

Boards allows us to create and store all sorts of information in a beautifully presented visual hierarchy. They are well suited for moodboards, galleries and design presentations where information can be nearly organized, saved and shared. You can even include fonts and colors.

But my personal favorite application for Boards is not for web design. It’s for branding projects.

We use Boards to present our brand strategies, identities and style guides in a beautiful, accessible and organic format.

As we revise and finalize elements, we simply update the assets on the client’s Brand Board. We can even add ideas, quotes, sample images, color swatches and IA elements.

Best of all, as we create new assets, Boards conveniently syncs from our DropBox and Google Drive accounts. This makes it easier for us to manage the assets, while at the same time, involving our client in the design journey and better communicating how all of the brand elements fit together.

By Mark Abrials CMO + Creative Director Follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter